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1943 Igor (the son of a furrier from Brooklyn) presented the suitcase to S.M. Mikhoels during his stay in the States.


1943 Mikhoels brought 2 fur coats in this suitcase - a gift from Brooklyn furriers to Stalin and Molotov (Stalin refused to accept the gift)


1948 The murder of Mikhoels. The suitcase remains with the widow - Anastasia Pototskaya

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1980 Anastasia presents the suitcase to a friend Ilya Rudyak. He immigrates to Chicago with a suitcase.


2020 Vasily Shchedrin buys the suitcase from the family of the late Ilya Rudyak.


2022 Vasily Shchedrin lends the suitcase for the production of the play "Singing Mills"